There was a lot of great wedding videos that popped up in 2013, but here are our top 3 favorites from last year.  How did we come up with these three as the best of the year?  We judged all the videos by a couple sets of criteria.

The content was the most important dimension which we judged last years videos on.  Was the video emotional?  Did the bride and groom clearly display their love for each other?

Next we looked at the production quality of the video, the use of lighting, color, use of graphics, and cinematography. Were the shots framed in an interesting way? Did the videographer use lighting in a creative way?

Where did we find these videos? We found a lot of our weddings videos on Vimeo, and Youtube, but also came across several of them through following well known wedding photographers and videographers on twitter that shared their work.

Style & Story Creative

This team of wedding videographers based out of Columbus Ohio put together our favorite cinematic wedding video of 2013.  The use of light and creativity is second to none in this beautiful wedding film.

Well Spun Weddings

Well Spun Weddings do an excellent job of capturing the emotion of a wedding day.  Beautiful use of framing and overall production quality.

Paperback Weddings

Paperback Weddings creates beautiful videos, and this one of their best.  I highly encourage you to view the rest of his work.

So there you have it, these are our top 3 favorite wedding videos of 2013 done by some of the best wedding videographers there are.

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